LEMANDIK® Unique Knitted Sweater Pixel Color Block

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Color: Green
Size: S
Size Chart

If you’re on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size or a looser fit. If you still don' t know which one you wanna choose, please contact us, we are glad to help you!

Normal Size Chart

normal size chart

Women Size Chart (inch)

women size chart in inch

Women Size Chart (cm)

women size chart in cm

Introducing our pixel pop colorblock sweater, a vibrant and distinctive piece that captivates with its bold colors and unique patterns. This sweater features a dynamic interplay of contrasting hues—blue, red, orange, and green—that come together to form abstract and geometric shapes reminiscent of digital pixels.

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality yarns, our sweater ensures both comfort and durability, making it an ideal choice for casual wear.
  • Design: The knit sweater boasts intricate patterns resembling digital pixel blocks, creating a visually stimulating effect. The use of contrasting blue edges on the cuffs, hem, and neckline adds definition and visual interest to the garment, enhancing its overall appeal. This design is likely influenced by digital and modern art movements, evoking a lively, youthful, and dynamic vibe.
  • Style: With its playful design and vibrant color palette, our Pixel Pop Colorblock Sweater is perfect for those who appreciate modern aesthetics and retro influences. The nod to vintage electronic gaming culture adds an extra layer of nostalgia and charm, making it particularly appealing to consumers with a penchant for retro culture and gaming.
Size chart:
S: Length 24.8inch, Shoulder 20.9inch, Chest 21.3inch, Sleeves 20.3inch.   
HEIGHT: 5'1-5'3FT,   WEIGHT: 94-122IB.

M: Length 25.2inch, Shoulder 21.3inch, Chest 21.7inch, Sleeves 20.5inch.  
HEIGHT: 5'3-5'9FT,   WEIGHT: 99-138IB.

L: Length 25.6inch, Shoulder 22.4inch, Chest 22.4inch, Sleeves 20.9inch.    
HEIGHT: 5'9-5'11FT,  WEIGHT: 121-155IB.

XL: Length 26.4inch, Shoulder 23.2inch, Chest 23.2inch, Sleeves 21.3inch.  
HEIGHT: 5'11-6'1FT,  WEIGHT: 132-176IB.

XXL: Length 27.2inch, Shoulder 24inch, Chest 24inch, Sleeves 21.7inch.     
HEIGHT: 6'1-6'5FT,   WEIGHT: 165-209IB.