LEMANDIK Lamb Woolen Goose Handheld Bag with Straps

Цена по акции$32.95

Color: Beige
Material: Adjustable straps
Size: 24cm*45cm*8cm

In this year, the cute goose patterned is hottest and favored by young men and women, definitely on trendy.

Nothing stands out more than a goose bag in hand.Washing needs to be done gently by hand with cool water, avoid machine washing.

Detergent should be fully dissolved in water and then put into the bag. Remember to pour the detergent directly on the bag (detergent has a white component, will cause the bag locally fading).

Be sure to rinse the detergent clean. Do not expose to the sun will partially fade. Do not wring the bag will produce wrinkle.

This classic and stylish design is both practical and fashionable, and the premium materials make it a durable accessory for everyday use. Plus, you can keep it looking good with gentle handwashing and care. Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Size as below: 

goose handbag for women