Lemandik Japanese Short-Sleeve Shirt Koi Fish

Цена по акции$30.95

Color: Apricot
Size: M

Have you ever wondered why some people are captivated by the allure of Japanese fashion? What makes a Japanese-inspired short-sleeve shirt so special?

  • A short-sleeve shirt is undoubtedly the epitome of cool and comfort during the summer season. While some may find them vibrant or even flashy, the bold colors, intricate patterns, and soft fabrics are all quintessential features of this style. Today, Hawaiian shirts have gained immense popularity among the younger generation, emanating their unique charm. Most people are familiar with the concept of both kimono and Hawaiian shirts, but few realize their connection. It's interesting to note that the Hawaiian shirt originated from the traditional Japanese kimono. It was the Japanese tailors living in Hawaii who first crafted the initial designs, and due to their comfort and vibrant patterns, the shirts gradually gained popularity and spread worldwide. Today, the Hawaiian shirt has become an essential fashion item in the style realm.
  • Our patterned short-sleeve shirt draws inspiration from the Japanese fashion scene, combining it with the distinctive motif of Koi fish, creating a short-sleeve shirt with a strong Japanese streetwear influence. If you love wearing short-sleeve shirts and have an affinity for the vintage Japanese aesthetic, this shirt is the perfect choice for you.
  • Crafted with attention to detail, this Japanese-inspired short-sleeve shirt features a vibrant Koi fish pattern, symbolizing good luck and perseverance. The relaxed and comfortable fit ensures a carefree and easygoing feel, allowing you to embrace the summer season with style. The lightweight fabric keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day, while the unique design adds a touch of originality to your outfit. Whether you're strolling through the city streets, meeting friends for a casual hangout, or attending a laid-back summer event, this shirt effortlessly exudes a sense of fashion-forwardness.

Size chart:
M : Length 74cm, shoulder width 57cm, chest 59cm, sleeve length 26cm;
L: Length 75cm, shoulder width 58cm, chest 60cm, sleeve length 27cm;
XL: Length 76cm, shoulder width 59cm, chest 61cm, sleeve length 28cm;
2XL:Length 77cm, shoulder width 60cm, chest 61.5cm, sleeve length 29cm;

Whether you're a trendsetter or a lover of all things Japanese fashion, this short-sleeve shirt is a must-have item that encapsulates the essence of Japanese streetwear. Embrace the spirit of Japanese fashion and make a fashion statement wherever you go.