LEMANDIK® Retro Street Luxury Collared Leopard Shirt

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Color: Brown
Size: S

Embrace the untamed allure of leopard print and make a bold statement wherever you go. Step into the spotlight with confidence in our leopard print long sleeve shirt.

  • Material: Crafted from 100% cotton fabric for unrivaled comfort and a luxurious skin-feel.
  • Design: our latest long sleeve shirt features a sophisticated stand collar, complemented by long sleeves and a classic button closure for effortless elegance. The loose-fitting silhouette offers unrestricted movement, while the striking leopard print pattern adds a touch of fierce personality to your ensemble.
  • Style: Whether you're hitting the urban jungle or exploring the great outdoors, our long sleeve shirt is guaranteed to turn heads and make a lasting impression. Embrace your wild side and unleash your inner fashionista with our leopard print long sleeve shirt today!
Size chart:
S: Length 28.3inch, Shoulder 22inch, Chest 48inch, Sleeves 22.8inch. HEIGHT: 5'2-5'4 FT, WEIGHT: 110-121 IB.
M: Length 29.1inch, Shoulder 22.4inch,Chest 49.6inch, Sleeves 23.2inch. HEIGHT: 5'4-5'7 FT, WEIGHT: 121-154 IB.
L: Length 29.9inch, Shoulder 22.8inch, Chest 51.2inch, Sleeves 23.8inch. HEIGHT: 5'6-5'9 FT, WEIGHT: 154-176 IB.
XL: Length 30.3inch, Shoulder 23.2inch, Chest 52inch, Sleeves 24inch. HEIGHT: 5'7-6'1 FT, WEIGHT: 165-198 IB.
XXL: Length 30.7inch, Shoulder 23.6inch, Chest 52.8inch, Sleeves 27.8inch. HEIGHT: 5'9-6'2 FT, WEIGHT: 187-220 IB.