LEMANDIK® Retro Patchwork Racing Jacket

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Color: Black
Size: S

On your journey to unique and stylish fashion, the retro racing jacket with embroidered patchwork is an unmissable choice. Our racing jacket seamlessly blends retro racing aesthetics with high-quality suede-like material and distinctive embroidered letter patches, elevating your fashion game with a touch of uniqueness.

  • Material: Crafted from a blend of 55% PU and 45% viscose, this jacket boasts high-quality mixed fabric that offers a soft and warm touch, ensuring your comfort and style even in the colder seasons.
  • Design: Our racing jacket features a retro-inspired patchwork design, drawing inspiration from the world of motorsport, and infusing your appearance with a sense of athleticism and vibrancy. The special embroidered letter patches add a captivating visual focus to the jacket's overall look.
  • Style: The embroidered patchwork racing jacket is the perfect choice for crafting a personalized style statement. Whether you're inclined toward vintage vibes or seeking a unique fashion identity, our Retro Racing Jacket will be your fashionable companion, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Size Chart: 
S : Length 63cm, shoulder width 55cm, chest 120cm, sleeve 57cm;
M : Length 65cm, shoulder width 55cm, chest 124cm, sleeve 58cm;
L: Length 67cm, shoulder width 57cm, chest 128cm, sleeve 59cm;
XL: Length 68cm, shoulder width 58.5cm, chest 130cm, sleeve 60cm;
2XL:Length 69cm, shoulder width 60cm, chest 132cm, sleeve 60.5cm;