LEMANDIK® Retro Jacquard Sweater Patchwork

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Color: Black
Size: S

Discover our contrast knit sweater, distinguished by its bold and vibrant design aesthetic that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements. Our striking sweater features a timeless black base, accentuated by eye-catching traditional ethnic patterns at the cuffs.

  • Material: Crafted from premium-quality yarns, our knit sweater offers unparalleled comfort and warmth, making it an essential piece for the autumn and winter seasons.
  • Design: The sweater showcases a unique design with its juxtaposition of classic black and vibrant ethnic patterns. The incorporation of traditional motifs adds a pop of color and cultural flair to the garment, infusing it with a sense of heritage. The attention-grabbing sleeve design serves as both a decorative highlight and a homage to artisanal craftsmanship. The loose fit and intricate sleeve patterns complement each other, catering to individuals who seek personalized and storytelling apparel.
  • Style: Versatile and statement-making, our Cultural Contrast Knit Sweater effortlessly elevates everyday outfits. Its distinctive design allows for easy pairing with other wardrobe staples, making it a standout piece in autumn and winter ensembles.
Size chart:
S: Length 24.8inch, Shoulder 20.9inch, Chest 21.3inch, Sleeves 20.3inch.   
HEIGHT: 5'1-5'3FT,   WEIGHT: 94-122IB.

M: Length 25.2inch, Shoulder 21.3inch, Chest 21.7inch, Sleeves 20.5inch.  
HEIGHT: 5'3-5'9FT,   WEIGHT: 99-138IB.

L: Length 25.6inch, Shoulder 22.4inch, Chest 22.4inch, Sleeves 20.9inch.    
HEIGHT: 5'9-5'11FT,  WEIGHT: 121-155IB.

XL: Length 26.4inch, Shoulder 23.2inch, Chest 23.2inch, Sleeves 21.3inch.  
HEIGHT: 5'11-6'1FT,  WEIGHT: 132-176IB.

XXL: Length 27.2inch, Shoulder 24inch, Chest 24inch, Sleeves 21.7inch.     
HEIGHT: 6'1-6'5FT,   WEIGHT: 165-209IB.