LEMANDIK® Punk Washed Sleeveless T-shirt with Jesus

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Color: Black
Size: S

Express your unique style with our classic distressed wash sleeveless t-shirt. Crafted from premium quality cotton material and treated with expert distressing techniques, our Jesus sleeveless t-shirt showcases a distinctive retro aesthetic.

  • Premium cotton fabric graphic sleeveless shirt
  • Distressed wash sleeveless T-shirt
  • Crew neck collar
  • Sleeveless t-shirt with Jesus print
  • Oversize fit
  • Summer streetwear.

Size chart:
: Length 28.7inch, Shoulder 18.5inch, Chest 44.9inch.
Length 29.1inch, Shoulder 18.9inch, Chest 45.7inch.
Length 29.5inch, Shoulder 19.3inch, Chest 46.5inch.
 Length 29.9inch, Shoulder 19.7inch, Chest 47.2inch.
 Length 30.3inch, Shoulder 20.1inch, Chest 48inch.