Lemandik® Oversize Funny Skull Jacquard Sweater

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Color: Black
Size: S


Embrace a new level of playful gothic street style with our dark vibe knit sweater featuring a fun skull motif.

  • Material: Crafted from a blend of 60% nylon and 40% acrylic, this knitted cotton material ensures both comfort and breathability.
  • Design: Our American-style knit sweater showcases an intriguing skull pattern. The loose fit, along with distressed fringes at the cuffs and hem, adds to its unique character, making it an effortlessly stylish oversized skull sweater.
  • Style: Our dark vibe skull sweater brings forth a fresh take on gothic street fashion. Pair it with black trousers, jeans, or utility pants for a cool and edgy streetwear ensemble that stands out from the crowd.
Size chart:
S : Length 70cm, chest 130cm, sleeve length 52cm;
M : Length 71cm, chest 122cm, sleeve length 53cm;
L: Length 72cm, chest 124cm, sleeve length 54cm;
XL: Length 74cm, chest 128cm, sleeve length 55cm;
2XL:Length 76cm, chest 132cm, sleeve length 56cm;