LEMANDIK® Hooded Puffer Winter Coat Spider Web

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Color: Black
Size: S

Step into the shoes of a hero with our spider web winter jacket. As the chilly winds blow, you won't need spider senses to know you're going to need warmth and style.

  • Material: Our winter coat is meticulously crafted using premium Oxford fabric, known for its robustness and sleek texture, and provides a soft and comfortable feel, ensuring that you're cozy and stylish.
  • Design: The puffer jacket coat has undergone meticulous stitching for both aesthetics and practicality. Every stitch is in place to maintain the insulation and to keep you warm. The full-length zipper closure simplifies the dressing process, and the attached hood is adorned with a captivating spider web motif that sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Style: Emerge as a style icon this winter, combining essential warmth with streetwear and gothic flair. The spider web hooded winter coat promises to not only keep you warm but also set you apart in a sea of winter outfits. 

Size chart:
S: Length 28inch, Shoulder 22inch, Chest 52.8inch, Sleeves 26.2inch.  
M: Length 28.3inch, Shoulder 22.2inch, Chest 54.1inch, Sleeves 26.4inch.  
L: Length 29.1inch, Shoulder 22.4inch, Chest 54.3inch, Sleeves 26.8inch.
XL: Length 29.9inch, Shoulder 22.8inch, Chest 55.9inch, Sleeves 27.2inch.
XXL: Length 30.7inch, Shoulder 23.4inch, Chest 57.5inch, Sleeves 27.6inch.