LEMANDIK® Black Strappy Zipper Cargo Jeans

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Color: Black
Size: S

Embark on the Fashion Peak with our black classic straight jeans!

  • Material: Crafted from premium denim cotton, ensuring utmost comfort and durability. A resilient choice for daily fashion endeavors.
  • Design: The unique side zipper detailing exudes cutting-edge fashion, while the belted closure highlights meticulous quality. Knee-area faded loops add style layers, injecting a unique personality into the jeans.
  • Style: Whether paired casually or embraced formally, our black strappy jeans epitomize your unique fashion taste. Let these black classic straight jeans be the spotlight of your wardrobe, radiating unparalleled charm and setting you apart.
Size chart:
: Length 39.8inch, Waist 24.8inch, Hip 38.2inch.
M: Length 40.2inch, Waist 26.4inch, Hip 39.8inch.
: Length 40.6inch, Waist 28inch, Hip 41.3inch.
L: Length 40.9inch, Waist 29.5inch, Hip 42.9inch.