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Why Are Astronaut Streetwear Outfits Become Popular?

Why Are Astronaut Streetwear Outfits Become Popular? - LEMANDIK

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed looking up at the stars. With the development of science and technology, we explore space step by step. Space has gradually become clear from the original inaccessibility. Space elements have gradually integrated into our lives and become one of the symbols of technology and trends. Brands such as LV and Chanel have also introduced clothing with space elements. How can there be no clothes with space elements in your wardrobe? Let me introduce you to some super cool and handsome space element clothes!

astronaut streetwear

astronaut outfits

There are tops and pants in this collection. For the tops, there are short sleeved T-shirts, button coat and hooded sweater. Black short sleeves are oversize. The basic color is very simple, which makes people look more efficient and capable. The patterns of clothes are mainly composed of letters and pictures. The letters are large and small, and the overall level is clear. The first thing to see is the astronaut teddy bear, who wears an oxygen helmet and sits on the floating earth, as if traveling in the universe. This also reposes our desire to explore the universe and shows our longing for freedom and exploring the unknown. After the teddy bear astronaut is a striking capital word "SENSELESS ", under which there are several smaller words. What follows Teddy bear astronaut is a sentence with the same small font. There is nothing uncultivated, nothing sterile, nothing dead in the Universe. Both men and women can wear it. With a baseball cap, you are the most eye-catching person on the street!

astronaut outfits

The following sweater is very special! Its color is a mixture of blue and green, just like the blend of the sky and the grass. It is very meaningful and fresh. The designer skillfully integrates stripe elements into the neckline, cuffs and bottom of the dress, and adopts orange and white sandwich design. First of all, in terms of color matching, the main color and stripe color form a bright and harmonious contrast, giving the whole dress a sense of layers. Secondly, in terms of design effect, this design makes the clothes instantly become a symbol of youth, vitality and freedom. The space element patterns on the chest and sleeves highlight the theme of the clothes and the personality of the wearer.

streetwear outfits

Next, hoodie sweatshirt is also very fashionable. High quality cotton makes the clothes very soft. Hip hop style design with space elements make you feel full of trend. The carefully designed letters and various spaceships and planets have become the most eye-catching place on clothes. Are you happy planet?Nothing can stop me to get fun. Get up early. A series of distinctive letters form meaningful sentences, which shows that the young people concern about themselves, pursuit happiness, and strive for personality characteristics.

hoodie sweatshirt

At last, let me introduce a pair of pants. This is a pair of grey trousers, with elastic design at the top and bottom, which is very considerate. The integration of space elements adds fashion sense and personality sense to the casual and comfortable pants. The little astronaut is catching small planets in the universe with a net, just as we caught fireflies when we were young. This series of clothes are so attractive. Come and choose!

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