paisley clothes

Why Super Movie Star Like Paisley Streetwear Clothes So Much?

Why Super Movie Star Like Paisley Streetwear Clothes So Much? - LEMANDIK

Why do super movie stars in various countries like paisley element clothes? Men, women and children are very sought after? Whether it is clothes or shoe bag accessories have this element? Why can paisley elements be popular for decades? Today, lets take a closer look at the charm of paisley elements.

paisley clothes

paisley clothes

The paisley first came from Babylon 4000 years ago, and was later introduced to the disputed Kashmir region between India and Pakistan, and then became a popular element in India.

paisley fabric

In the 19th century, there was a small town called Paisley in western Scotland. The handicrafts men at that time used this swirling pattern to the extreme, and merged with the Victorian-style court printing to create a European aesthetic. New patterns, fabrics with paisley elements were popular in the upper class at that time.

paisley clothes

Bandanna is the English name of the paisley. It comes from the Sanskrit word "badhnati", which means tie, and dye. Bandanna originally represented only a tie-dye fabric in India. Bandanna and paisley are not the same. Bandanna refers to a square scarf. Paisley refers to the cashew pattern.

paisley streetwear clothes

With the development of society and economy, paisley has gradually become popular, music, gangsters, and street culture have brought paisley to rise, and many popular fashion items have been derived, such as sweaters, jeans, overalls, shoes, ties, etc.

paisley sweater and jeans

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paisley sweater

At the beginning of modern popular culture, paisley inevitably couldn't get around the barrier of hippies. The Beatles are a fan of paisley. John Lennons Rolls-Royce Phantom with cashew flower elements is a microcosm of the craze for paisley in the rock circle at that time. It is full of exotic and retro cashew patterns, very psychedelic style, just in line with the spirit of the hippies of that area, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Liam Gallagher and others crazy to carry goods, set off a Paisley craze.

 paisley coat

Streetwear culture from the underground is deeply influenced by paisley. Clothing culture has always been a very important part of the "Hip-Hop" culture. In addition to comparing raps with each other, rappers can also compare their heads. The headscarves of different colors are an important sign to distinguish friends from enemies. Therefore, paisley are also popular among young West Coast gangs. People's favorite.

paisley winter coat

Paisley, as an element that existed in the Babylonian period, actually contains multiple cultures. This curly and winding design, because the paisley has its own unique pattern, has a rich cultural heritage and unrepeatable classics in the development of history. Some people think it comes from the jungle and primitive life, and some people think it comes from Hinduism "The Tree of Life", now it has become a favorite of major international brands.

Do you like the Paisley clothes?

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