LEMANDIK® Retro Star Sweater with Tassels


Color: Purple
Size: S


Why has the starry element become the most beloved trend this year? The starry color-blocked knit sweater has captured the hearts of many due to its unique and fashionable design, its personalized and self-expressive characteristics, the sense of fun and vitality it exudes, and its versatility in adapting to various occasions and seasons. Among the multitude of styles, this sweater stands out as an attention-grabbing fashion choice.

  • Material: Crafted from a blend of 52% acrylic, 20% polyester, and 28% nylon, this sweater ensures both warmth and comfort during the autumn and winter seasons.
  • Design: our star knit sweater comes with a touch of sophistication through its color-blocked panels and hand-knitted cord embellishments, adding a hint of wild and carefree spirit to your casual look. Its American vintage vibe makes it suitable for both young men and women.
  • Style: The star-color-blocked knit sweater allows individuals to showcase their unique personalities and styles. It can be worn as everyday casual wear, or paired with other clothing items to create a more formal and polished ensemble.

Embrace the stellar trend with LEMANDIK® retro star knit sweater with tassels and let the stars shine bright in your wardrobe.
Size chart:
S: Length 68cm, Shoulder 60cm, Chest 116cm, Sleeves 50cm;
M: Length 69cm, Shoulder 62cm, Chest 118cm, Sleeves 51cm;
L: Length 70cm, Shoulder 64cm, Chest 120cm, Sleeves 52cm;
XL: Length 72cm, Shoulder 66cm, Chest 124cm, Sleeves 53cm;
XXL: Length 74cm, Shoulder 67cm, Chest 128cm, Sleeves 54cm.