LEMANDIK® Grey Gradient Jacquard Sweater

セール価格$63.95 通常価格$92.95

Color: Grey
Size: S

Embrace the revolution of fashion with pride as we present the black, white, and grey jacquard sweater, injecting a touch of avant-garde and trendiness into your wardrobe.

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality knitted cotton, ensuring comfort, substantial thickness, and an incredibly skin-friendly touch.
  • Design: A three-color knitted sweater with a pixelated effect, seamlessly blending black, white, and grey hues. The collar, cuffs, and hem cleverly showcase a shattered vintage pixel style. Designed with a loose fit for a liberating and comfortable wearing experience.
  • Style: Our oversized knitted sweater exudes a unique and fashionable rebellious atmosphere, ideal for both young men and women. Pair it with different bottoms to create diverse and stylish looks that reflect your individuality. Fashion is in your hands, ready to be created by you.
Size chart:
: Length 26.4inch, Shoulder 23.2inch, Chest 46inch, Sleeves 19.4inch.
M: Length 26.8inch, Shoulder 23.6inch, Chest 47.2inch, Sleeves 19.7inch.
: Length 27.6inch, Shoulder 24.4inch, Chest 48.8inch, Sleeves 20.1inch.
XL: Length 28.3inch, Shoulder 25.2inch, Chest 50.4inch, Sleeves 20.5inch.
: Length 29.1inch, Shoulder 26inch, Chest 52inch, Sleeves 20.9inch.