LEMANDIK® Spider Puffer Jacket Removable Hat

Prezzo scontato$112.95

Color: Black
Size: M

Step into the shadows and redefine your urban style with the Shadow Spider Cotton Jacket from LEMANDIK®. It's time to make a statement that resonates with the daring spirit of the city.

  • Material: Crafted from an exceptionally thick cotton lining, the plush cotton interior ensures a luxurious feel against the skin, providing insulation against the harshest of chills while maintaining a stylish exterior.
  • Design: Unleash your inner rebel with the Shadow Spider Cotton Jacket. The full zipper closure, complete with a wind-resistant face mask, adds an urban utility aspect. Unique tie dye graphic with spider design, creating a striking visual appeal.
  • Style: Embrace the dark and street-ready persona this jacket exudes, capturing the essence of urban fashion with an edge. This piece is tailored for those who dare to be different, symbolizing a rebellion against the ordinary.

Size chart:
: Length 27.6inch, Shoulder 24.8inch, Chest 56.7inch, Sleeves 22.8inch.
L: Length 27.6inch, Shoulder 25.2inch, Chest 57.5inch, Sleeves 22.8inch.
XL: Length 27.6inch, Shoulder 25.6inch, Chest 58.3inch, Sleeves 22.8inch.
XXL: Length 27.6inch, Shoulder 26inch, Chest 59.8inch, Sleeves 22.8inch.