In the year 2020, Mr. Leo built his new company, 广东瑞旗科技有限公司(Guangdong Ruiqi Technology Co. Ltd.,) LEMANDIK® brand name belongs to this company and as the legal representative.

In fact, many years ago, he has the idea of starting and developing his own business when he was very young, because his family has been running their own business, he has been fascinated since he was a child.

When LEO was 22 years old, he opened offline stores and has his own factory before, he deeply aware of what kind of company to be established that can help more people, so he gave all in LEMANDIK® brand.

LEMANDIK® focus on the streetwear fashion field for young men and women, for boys and girls, he wanted to pass on the youth spirit to more people that tells them everyone has his own talent and can be success one day.

He was crazy in unconstrained creativity, he loves life to be full of challenges and fun, he prefers extraordinary design inspiration and the pursuit of perfection, although years of entrepreneurial experience makes him tired, but he still maintains true love, enthusiasm, and passion for life. He loves thinking, enjoys loneliness, and found it cool and interesting. Therefore, he founded the LEMANDIK® brand, hoping to convey his passion and courage, reactive and innovate, great dreams and continuous influence to people. That’s exactly the value of his life.

His philosophy and pursuit is: always be young, free soul and uninhibited, gentle and comfortable, natural and release the unity of wildness, respect others to become closer to be success, and express his spiritual proposition. Now he has the goal of bringing this culture to become a symbol of global street wear culture in the future and a link between skateboarding, graffiti, and Asian culture. He hopes that we will meet the needs of young people better, increase the opportunity for communication, and bring more positive energy with each other.

Mr. LEO embraces all cultures and always thinking about how to make each person show their unique lifestyle. He likes design new things and create something funny and interesting, his studio is full of design drawing and whimsy, he has the strict requirements for products. The products must be very novel, able to express the opinions of the customer group, and the product quality must be perfect.


We hope LEMANDIK® can be an affordable street brand for young people, street wear is not only an attitude but a way of life. So we want to bring cheap street fashion to the young men and women. We hope each person can show their unique lifestyle.

In order to bring the best quality and price street clothing to our customers, we have our own factories and workers in Asia now.

We will restless pursuit for quality. Each piece of clothing is handcrafted by workers with the most precise sewing and work. The clothing is then put together and packaged with care. All items go through a number of inspections for quality before it is ever sent out. Our workers care about the quality of the clothing and will put in 100% of their effort to provide the best quality for our customers.


The founder of LEMANDIK®, Mr. Leo, who is very caring. He hopes that any life in the world should be treated well. We feel that it is extremely unfair that we in developed countries have an abundant amount of clothing to wear or even select, but hundreds of millions of people around the world is without clothing going through each and every day. We believe that there’s always more we could do to change our world for better - and with your help, we can.

Our vision is not only to be a sustainable brand - our motto is to give back more than we take.

Let's strive to redefine traditional boundaries - we're here to help you do it. We hold the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and originality.

Check out our unique designs today, and together we’ll change lives!