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Why Unisex Style Clothes Becomes More and More Popular Among Young People?

Why Unisex Style Clothes Becomes More and More Popular Among Young People? - LEMANDIK

Nowadays, neutral beauty is sprouting new buds. What can best reflect this aesthetics is the trend of unisex clothing. For young people, it is no longer so important whether men's clothing or women's clothing. What is more important is the expression of their personalities. 

 unisex jackets and coats

First, we should understand the concept of unisex clothing.

The essential difference between men and women lies in the "sex" on the physiological level. Gender is a characteristic between men and women. The unisex is blurring the boundaries of gender, and the two sexes can penetrate and participate in each other. With the development of time, the word "unisex" is more and more used in clothing style.

Unisex clothing refers to the concept of gender free in clothing design. Its essence is to break the boundaries of gender. Men wear women's clothes, women wear men's clothes, or this dress can be worn by both men and women. For example, oversize, boyfriend style... All kinds of masculine clothing styles of women's clothing are one of the manifestations of unisex clothing.

unisex clothing

The design of unisex clothing tends to be neutral in gender. Generally, simple colors will be used to create a comfortable and natural style, and the colors are very concise and clear. At the same time, the style of this kind of clothing is relatively simple. The cutting of this kind of clothing is smooth without redundant lines, in simple, powerful, comfortable, and generous style.

As the new generation in the Internet era, they are the generation who are more likely to express themselves and pursue the personality, and are more receptive to pioneer values. These spiritual pursuits have also changed their consumption characteristics. They will prefer niche clothes with connotation, characteristics, and personality. Undoubtedly, unisex clothing breaks the conventional concept and coincides with the young people’s preference of pursuing individuality and not being bounded.

niche clothes

Unisex clothing with personality, niche and trend labels has also become a media for the new generation of young people to express their differences, and to attract others with similar preference to form a more subdivided consumption group in the clothing field.

Unisex style clothing has become a trendy direction for many designers. Zara, a fast fashion brand, has also released a series of unisex clothes, and added the shopping category of " Ungendered" on its official website, which is a basic style that can be worn by both men and women. Designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin is also a representative of unisex style clothing. His clothes are in this kind of fashion style. In his opinion, "Dressing has nothing to do with gender. The most important thing is to please yourself."

Ludovic de Saint Sernin fall winter 2023

With the development of society, public view on gender is becoming more and more open. The phenomenon of gender fuzzy culture different from the traditional dual gender culture has become one of the trends. As a product of social culture, clothing is no longer a visual symbol to distinguish the boundaries between men and women. Unisex clothing came into being and has become one of the fashion trends, providing more directions and ideas for fashion design.

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