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The History of Denim Jeans and Denim Jacket-Why We Prefer Denim

The History of Denim Jeans and Denim Jacket-Why We Prefer Denim - LEMANDIK

What fashion product can stand in the midst of 150 years of changing popularity, transcending every social classification we can imagine: age, gender, class, religion, nationality, etc., and still be loved? They were unknown, born of commoners, full of affinity; they could be seen in the wardrobes of aristocratic celebrities; they never stood tall, but set off a fashion boom all over the world.

history of denim jeans

It is a kind of clothing made of denim, and the earliest and most typical feature is jeans. Five hundred years ago, when Columbus discovered the New World, this tough, practical rough fabric appeared, and it was mainly used to make sails. Because the cloth is native to a small French town of Nimes, it is named "Serge De Nimes" in French. When this twill beep cloth first reached Britain, It was difficult for British merchants to pronounce the French "Serge De Nimes", so it was referred to as Denim.

history of denim jeans

Who was the first scissor hand to make denim into jeans? The earliest record of "Jeans" is in 1567.

There was a port in northern Italy called Genoa, and the sailors who worked in the port at that time were called "Genoese". These sailors liked to wear work trousers made of a locally produced rough and sturdy fabric, called "Genoese" or "Genes", which had a similar pronunciation to "Jeans". The resounding name "Jeans" was only officially adopted by LEVI in the 1860s, referring to the twill trousers that were stylistically derived from Genoese sailor trousers. This kind of pants is first and foremost a kind of labor clothing, work clothes, that is, the work clothes worn by the "blue-collar" class in the first line of production, so until 1930, denim clothing also had a name, overall.

denim history of Levis

Jeans found the way to the New World during the Gold Rush in the American West. The road, which returned to Europe 200 years later in the form of blue jeans, became an indispensable fashion for young people at that time. Although jeans are derived from French fabrics and French place names, blue jeans are a true American product. As it has grown into a global garment, it is now worn by people all over the world.

denim history in America

Traditional clothing has always evolved from the basic clothing people wear through constant adjustment and change. Many times traditional clothing will quickly accept and incorporate some fresh elements, the typical five-bag jeans are like this, it has become narrower or wider with the change of popularity, the cuff has become narrower or wider, but its basic style has not changed over the years. The widespread popularity of denim clothing is mainly due to the fact that it expresses a free spirit and equal social relations, especially among young people.

popularity of denim jeans

In the autumn and winter, denim jackets are very popular. This hot and explosive fashion trend, it is no wonder that the fashion stars as a fashion indicator in Europe and the United States have found it early on.

denim jacket

Black leggings match with long jeans. It looks handsome with a black scarf, without cumbersome. White denim jacket with sky blue small pants, Jessica Alba's blue and white match is very casual. The color mix is particularly eye-catching, and the white denim jacket is also very special, a very successful combination.

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