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Hottest Streetwear Beach Outfit for Summer Vocation 2022

Hottest Streetwear Beach Outfit for Summer Vocation 2022 - LEMANDIK

Summer is coming. When it comes to summer, many people immediately think of heat, swimming and the beach. I believe that while you like the beach and swimming, you also hope to have cool and beautiful dressing. Indeed, comfortable and fashionable summer outfit is very important. It can not only meet your needs of summer vacation, but also show your handsome or sexy beauty and make you confident. Today I want to introduce you some streetwear beach outfit.

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First, I will introduce some dressing methods to female friends. An OFF Shoulder shirt with denim shorts is a good choice. It makes you look sexy and beautiful. The gentle beach shirt with cool and handsome denim shorts can appropriately show your intellectual beauty and independent beauty. The warm color shirt is better matched with the cold color jeans, which can also be matched with a necklace to show the beautiful collarbone. I believe you will be very confident in front of the camera! In addition, the Bikini swimwear, together with a thin cardigan shirt and a trouser skirt, is sexy, sun-protected and very practical. The Bikini swimwear shows your charming figure, and the shirt retains some sexy and can play a role in sunscreen. The trouser skirt not only has the convenience of trousers, but also has the elegance and beauty of skirts. Take off your shirt and you can swim directly!

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Then I am going to introduce some collocation methods to male friends. If you want to show your charming muscles, you can choose a solid color vest top with colorful beach shorts. The pure color of the top is simple, which turns attention to the sexy and strong muscles. The colorful pants show your enthusiasm and vitality. If you don't want to show your muscles directly, you can also choose a short sleeved shirt with button design, untie the upper buttons on it, and reveal the looming figure outline and charming muscle lines. Men generally choose beach shorts with patterns such as coconut tree, surfing and sun to show their male charm and lively. You can also choose animal patterns to show your loveliness and cuteness. Hawaiian shirt is also a classical beach shirt.

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Finally, some general collocation principles are introduced. It's best to choose beach shorts with obvious background and theme, and try not to choose too fancy patterns. Beach shorts with a background are layered and can show your aesthetic ability. It's best to choose a lighter color for your top, because light colors can protect your skin from the sun. Choose a short or well-fitting top, not too long. In addition to the choice of clothes, you can also prepare a pair of sunglasses and a hat, which will make your dress more perfect.

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There are beach shirts and beach shorts on our website, as well as matching suits. Come to consult and buy! Wish you a nice summer.

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