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Cargo Shorts Make You Cool Once You Know How to Match Them

Cargo Shorts Make You Cool Once You Know How to Match Them - LEMANDIK

There was no doubt that most of men have one cargo shorts or cargo pants at least in their closet. As the trending fashion item with streetwear style, the cargo short will come back again in the summer season. But why the cargo shorts can endure for such a long time and even lead the streetwear fashion trendy occasionally?

First, the cargo shorts are derived from cargo pants, which enormously popular and pervasive in the United States a hundred years ago. Over time, the cargo pants have lots of fans in various industries and fields. Subsequently, it’s improved to cargo shorts and quickly became a new fashion  among trendy men due to the simpler design and comfortable to the seasons, and gradually evolved into the trendy streetwear culture.

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Of course, there is another very important reason for the popularity of cargo shorts, that is, its unique functionality. All the cargo trousers have multiple pockets to provide enough space for carry-on items. That makes the cargo pants to be cool and practical, so why trendy guy doesn't love? Now, more and more famous person and movie stars wear cargo shorts when they are taken street shots or attend important event, there were many figures in overalls. Our Lemandik brand has a long relationship with the top designers who dedicated in the designing field, targeted to make higher quality and better comfortable cargo trousers for men and women.

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No matter which single item to match with the cargo shorts, you must know how to get better outfit than the single item. Do you have any inspiration for matching? In fact, cargo shorts are a very versatile item. A simple blank T-shirt or loose graphic tee is enough to easily interpret the casual sports style, or with a blue denim shirt, does it feel like a western culture style? It's not difficult to cope with the work occasion. With a casual suit jacket on the top, you can easily have the business casual style.

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After matching the tops, you may have a question that what kind of shoes do cargo shorts go with? Don't worry, sneaker style or canvas shoes are good for cargo shorts matching. You have control the sports and casual styles, simple and handsome styles, and hip-hop styles, you can do what you want.

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Many friends are worried how to choose cargo shorts. There are so many brands on the market that they are dazzling. Which brand of cargo shorts is good? At present, many trendy brands have designed a series of cargo shorts. Let me recommend a few styles for you. Our multi-pocket cargo shorts have a neat and generous cutting overall, the side diagonal pockets are good and practical, and the front pockets are designed with large patch pockets to increase the sense of streetwear fashion.


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The batik embroidered cargo shorts, the classic low crotch of the cargo shorts are matched with garment dyeing technology, and the cargo trousers are worn and processed to show the overall more high-level quality.

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The army style cargo shorts with colorful dot, if you prefer camouflage elements, you must not miss it!

army cargo pants

The simple fashion style, these cargo shorts slim fit with the 100% cotton texture brings most comfortable and breathable for people.

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Besides, overalls, Lemandik cargo shorts are in trendy and loose-fitting, and they are the first choice for fashion trendy people with concave shapes!

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