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3 Ways to Style and Match Streetwear Jackets for Men and Women

3 Ways to Style and Match Streetwear Jackets for Men and Women - LEMANDIK

In spring, everything recovers and the scenery is pleasant. I believe that everyone will enjoy going out for spring outings with family or friends. Although spring is much warmer than winter, it is still a little cold in the morning and evening. Therefore, jacket is still very necessary. So, how can we get a suitable jackets in our wardrobes? Come to have a look and choose some to wear!

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First of all, I will introduce how to wear a jacket with jeans. Whether people with outstanding proportions or people with relatively short figure can choose a short jacket with high waist jeans. For relatively shorter people, choosing a short jacket is more suitable than a medium and long jacket, because the short jacket can optimize your body proportion and make you feel more confident. A short jacket can make your overall shape more fashionable and stylish. Match it with a pair of high waist pants is a great way to express your personality. Leather jacket, bomber jacket, varsity jacket, racing jacket and hooded jacket are suitable for jeans. Leather jackets are especially recommended with hoodies and jeans. If you choose to pair jeans with denim jackets, it needs to be noted that you'd better choose jackets and jeans with high color contrast.

 streetwear jackets outfits

streetwear jacekt outfits

Next, the wearing method of jacket with sports casual pants will be discussed. Different styles of trousers will show your different individual character when matching with jacket and coat. Jeans will make you look more capable and youthful, while casual pants will make you feel relaxed and pleasant. Loose and comfortable casual pants with the same style of hooded jacket make you look very young and energetic. They are also very suitable for spring outings and other outdoor activities. In addition, the classic black leather jacket with light colored casual pants is also a very good choice. This kind of collocation combines leisure and formality. It is very attractive whether it is worn at parties or in daily life.

 streetwear jacket with sweat pants

Finally, I want to introduce the wearing method of jacket and skirt. Long dresses are usually paired with short jackets, and short skirts or skirts are usually paired with long jackets. The color of the jacket should be complementary to the skirt, which will enhance the aesthetic beauty. For example, blue and orange are complementary colors, and the two colors complement each other. The orange silk dress and the blue bomber jacket show the beauty of combining hardness and softness. In addition, for women of a certain age, try a light pink leather jacket with printed dress or skirt. The faint soft tone is more suitable for presenting a fresh and soft effect.

 streetwear jacket outfits for women

Maybe we're not born beautiful, but we can still find suitable clothes and build our own charm through efforts. Achieving your beauty is also one of the ideas of our website.

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