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3 Styles of Streetwear Outfits for Men in Summer Days

3 Styles of Streetwear Outfits for Men in Summer Days - LEMANDIK

Gentlemen, please look over here! Here comes the introduction of men's collocation of summer streetwear outfits. Boys' clothes may not be as many as girls' to fill the wardrobe, but every piece of clothes in boys' wardrobe is carefully selected. Here are some tips for men's collocation in summer. Each one is worth putting into the wardrobe to become your summer helper!

 men summer outfits

First of all, let me introduce the collocation of a black t-shirt with denim shorts. The pure black T-shirt with blue T-shirt with graphic, paired with a pair of gray blue or dark blue straight jeans, make you look very youthful. You can also match it with a pair of canvas shoes to make you more handsome. If the color of canvas shoes is the same as that of jeans, it can make you look taller. If you want to show your delicacy, you can match it with a snake shape necklace and a watch.

 black t-shirt and denim short for men

Then let me introduce the matching of a printed T-shirt, overalls and sport sneaker shoes, which is suitable for outdoor sports and leisure. Wear a white T-shirt and a pair of black or navy overalls. You’d better choose white socks with a pair of sneakers. This collocation is harmonious, handsome and comfortable. It is very suitable for boys who love sports.

 white t-shirt for men

Next, I'd like to introduce a literary style to you. Pair a green and blue striped T-shirt with gray and blue jeans and a pair of white shoes to instantly improve heads turning on you. Wide stripes show your youth style. Green background and blue stripes set off your quality. Grey blue jeans not only keep harmony with the upper body, but also modify your leg shape and increase the overall artistic style. White shoes are the finishing touch to brighten the overall color. So fashionable and handsome!

 stripe t-shirt

How can a summer wardrobe be without shirts? Here comes the matching method of shirts! No matter what type your body shape is, as long as you buy a fitting shirt, you can wear to show your self-confidence. Slim boys wearing shirts can make their bodies look more straight and strong. And those who are fatter can look thinner in their shirts. The color difference between shirt and bottom T-shirt should be large to increase the visual richness and enhance the sense of layering. It's even cooler with a hat!

men shirt for summer 

At last, I will introduce a color matching. You can try dark grey with khaki, which will brighten people’s eyes on you. Specially, dark grey streewear tee is a good choice. Dark grey can exude male charm and set off male steadiness. Khaki is lively and energetic. Such a nice color matching.

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