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3 Matching Tips of Streetwear Outfits in 2022 Trendy Fashion

3 Matching Tips of Streetwear Outfits in 2022 Trendy Fashion - LEMANDIK

The common street styles include Japanese streetwear, American streetwear, overall style, military style, tech wear style, as well as high street and so on. Among them, Japanese streetwear style is more suitable for Asian, they can be matched according to customers own preferences. As is known to all, hoodies and jeans are the main components of Japanese style. Normally, American streetswear was born with a subculture of skateboarding and hip-hop, which is loose and casual style. Representative brands such as Stussy, Supreme, 10deep, Offwhite, etc.

streetwear culture

Here are 3 warm tips of the streetwear outfits matching for men and women.

Firstly, find your own style

Generally speaking, it will be a relatively troublesome process. In addition to spending money for collocation experiments, we can also have a try to find another way like going to physical stores to try on more clothes.

Supreme can be called the emperor of street brands, in addition to being expensive, which is relatively simple to match: simple graphic t-shirts or solid tee, shorts. Or sweatshirts, slacks and leggings may be another better choice... This kind of style highlights the spirit of casual. If you happen to be a fan of board jerk, you must fall in love with this style.


The high street also known as the high class, has high requirements for the design and texture. Some representing brands include Off White, Fear of God,Y-3 and Yeezy. Such styles require certain ability, a good figure, and of course, enough money.

Secondly, choose a right attitude brand

What is suitable? In addition to find your own style, collocation also plays an important part with age and the environment. Therefore, choose the present lifestyle brands will be a better choice. For example, as a student, youth is your label, so you can appropriate comfortable switch based on different styles. If you are an office worker, then you can try to  towards mature tooling style and techwear style or casual streetwear style.

 techwear style

Thirdly, integrate into the attitude of self-life

Expressing your attitude to life, thoughts and spiritual world through clothing is the best trend match. Some people like only one logo, some people like the three-color rules, while others love the military uniform style... No matter in what way, it can be cool!  From my point of perspective, as long as you express yourself with real things and like the spirit conveyed by this brand, and then integrate this spirit and attitude into life and work. It the heart of the most trendy self.

streetwear style

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