LEMANDIK® Cyberpunk Quilted Bomber Jacket

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Color: Black
Size: S

As the cold season arrives, we introduce an exhilarating piece that feels like more than just clothing—it's a journey through time.

  • Material: Crafted from 100% nylon, our puffer jacket not only provides windproof warmth but also keeps you cozy in chilly weather.
  • Design: Our cargo jacket features a high collar for a touch of fashion and wind resistance. Zipper embellishments on both sides create a trendy atmosphere, seamlessly blending into street fashion. Practical and chic slant pockets on both sides allow you to showcase your personality anytime, anywhere. Meticulously designed zipper closure offers convenience and a modern touch.
  • Style: This is more than a functional cotton jacket; it's a stylish statement with street flair. Pair it with any bottom to effortlessly blend into the trends, bringing a unique fashion adventure to your wardrobe.