LEMANDIK® Baggy Pleated Straight Leg Pants

Цена по акции$62.95

Color: Apricot
Size: S

Elevate your wardrobe with our straight-leg pleated pants and experience the perfect blend of comfort and style. Shop now and take your casual attire to the next level!

  • Material: Crafted from a blend of 66% cotton, 28% polyester, and 5% spandex for ultimate comfort and breathability.
  • Design: Our straight-leg pleated pants are designed to keep you looking and feeling your best. The relaxed fit and elastic waistband provide a comfortable and flexible fit, while the button closure adds a touch of sophistication. The pleated leg detailing adds texture and visual interest, while the rivet accents add a subtle edge.
  • Style: Embrace the casual sporty vibe with our pleated pants, perfect for both men and women who appreciate comfort and style. Pair them with your favorite T-shirt for a laid-back look, or layer them with a hoodie or jacket for added warmth on cooler days.

Size chart:
 Length 41.3inch, Waist 12.9inch, Hip 20.9inch.
Length 41.7inch, Waist 13.7inch, Hip 21.7inch.
 Length 42.1inch, Waist 14.5inch, Hip 22.4inch.
 Length 42.5inch, Waist 15.3inch, Hip 23.2inch.
 Length 42.9inch, Waist 16.1inch, Hip 24inch.