Cool Punk Baseball Jacket Flocking Skull


Color: Green
Size: S
You never have a SKULL trendy item? Start your streetwear fashion with our high street cool cyberpunk jacket, begin to tell the world your unique personality from our vintage baseball jacket.
  1. In the streetwear hip hop world, skull is only symbol that can be immortalized. When you have the skull jacket coat, in one side you are crazy of rock and punk style, in another side it means rebirth, hope, individuality, and power. Yes, that’s you, that’s your power.
  2. Skull has won the favor of many celebrities with individuality, fun, and mystery temperament, not only you, Andy Warhol、Damien Hirst are all obsessed with the skull baseball jacket.
  3. Besides, the classic heavy tailored fabric, the leather patched jacket and the creative flocking embroidery brings a shocked sense of verse impact. Threaded cuffs, reinforcement technology plus the details and high quality of our baseball jacket.

Nothing to worry about the size and quality. Don’t hesitate. Get your baseball jackets now.