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Which Style Will You Prefer in Metaverse Space?

Which Style Will You Prefer in Metaverse Space? - LEMANDIK

The age of the Metaverse is coming. Will you choose cool skeleton streetwear outfits like Mark Zuckerberg for friends' party? In recent years, many internet companies, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent etc… have promoted their Metaverse plan in the near future. Facebook also announced to change its name to Meta and join the Metaverse. Today, what will be introduced to you is also the super cool, handsome and fashionable clothes as Mark dressed in Metaverse space!

 skeleton streetwear outfits

The colors of this series of clothes are mainly black and white and cowboy blue, with flexible integration of green, red, pink, orange and brown. The pattern elements are super-technological and immersive human skeletons. There are many choices of tops. You can choose one with caps, stand collar or round collar. You can choose one with zipper, button or the concise one. Can't wait to try it on? Let's take a look at the details.

 metaverse outfits

The first one is a black sweater with a hat with two adjustable headbands. The whole dress is cool and mysterious black, with orange chest skeleton pattern, forming a bright color contrast. Orange lights up the black well, making you look like an elf in the dark, like a beautiful man in the Metaverse. There is a pink heart hidden in the orange skeleton, which seems to be plopping, adding a sense of movement to the whole clothes and making you look more special.

 hoodie sweatshirt

The color combination of the second one is black and white, which is simple while mysterious. The design of stand collar makes the whole person look energetic. The white skeleton looks very real. With this tops, you seem to be in front of the X-ray machine. The skeleton especially highlights the spine bones, which is perfectly integrated with the zipper of the clothes. When you slowly pull down the zipper, you seem to want to divide yourself into two parts, which is very scientific and immersive.skeleton hoodie sweatshirt

The fourth one is the fashion man swear. Oversized design, which is matched with the human skeleton pattern, make you look strong and powerful. It also exude the unique charm of male. The combination of blue and white colors skillfully reconciles aggression and weakness, and appropriately shows your gentlemanly and cool personality. After you put it on, you are as fashionable and eye-catching as the idol in Metaverse!

 skeleton sweat shirt

The first pair of pants are loose light blue jeans. There are some white star patterns in the position of the hips and thighs. The most eye-catching design is the two skeletons of the trouser legs. These two skeletons are the upper body skeletons of the human body, and their actions are very special. They seem to be looking up at the star pattern above. With the movement of their hands and the heat of their hearts, they seem to yearn for and want to pursue the stars, as if people chase their dreams. This pattern not only brings people a strong sense of immersion, but also stimulates people's imagination. People will follow the action of the skeleton and slowly turn their eyes to your upper body and your face, so as to marvel at your collocation.

What's your metaverse outfits?

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