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Unique Affordable New Year Gifts for Your Boyfriend & Girlfriend & Family

Unique Affordable New Year Gifts for Your Boyfriend & Girlfriend & Family - LEMANDIK

People are looking forward to receiving carefully prepared gifts in Festival. At the same time people would like to prepare presents for the loved one with full heart. What Christmas gifts have you prepared for your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your family members? And what did you receive or send? Let’s share your new year gift list.

The new year is coming, and everyone begins to prepare new year gifts. In addition to well-prepared gifts, people will also prepare some wishes for New Year. As for sending presents, I will introduce some special and affordable presents for New Year.

  1. New Year gift under $10

Mobile phone case, socks, gloves, plush slippers.

plush gloves

Nowadays, young people like to use all kinds of mobile phone cases. The mobile phone case has various styles and colors, and there will be various patterns on it. The style of mobile phone case has also become a part of young people's dress. Therefore, the mobile phone case will also become one of the boutiques that young people often use and purchase.

I phone case streetwear

People of any age or gender will like to wear a pair of socks to keep warm in winter. As a new year gift, it can keep warm and very considerate. Today, socks have all kinds of lovely looks. Girls like cotton socks with cartoon patterns very much. People can choose to buy red socks or other socks with new year elements as gifts. They can provide some festive atmosphere and show best wishes in the new year.


  Gloves are the same as socks and can be used to keep warm. Also, gloves have a variety of lovely styles to choose. Mittens are gloves which have one section that covers your thumb and another section that covers your four fingers together. It's not convenient to take things flexibly or use a mobile phone when wearing mittens. Therefore, when buying gloves as gifts, we need to consider which one is more suitable for the receiver.


  In addition to wearing cotton socks at home, people also wear cotton slippers to keep warm. In Chinese customs, shoes are rarely given as gifts but young people are more and more free from the shackles of tradition and put their mind first. So you can also take cotton slippers into consideration

2,  New Year gift under $20

Plaid caps, teddy bear.


Plaid caps is one of the fashionable items for young people, and it is very versatile. If you are worried that the gift will not be liked by the other people, you can consider choosing this kind of hat. Both boys and girls can wear this hat in their daily life.


No girls dislike Teddy bear. The lovable teddy bear can be found all around the world. You can find it not only in toy stores, but also on T-shirts, posters and more. Although this is not a very useful item, it is suitable for almost everyone. Teddy bears are popular with thousands of girls especially. When people see Teddy bear, they feel warm and comfortable from their heart, and they are likely to smile and be happier.

3, New Year gift under $30

lamb woolen goose handbag


This handbag is very popular recently. Some people think the shape of the goose is very cute, others think it is very funny. It has gradually become a fashion trend, and people start to use all kinds of bags with goose design. This gift will make the friends who receive it laugh.

goose handbag

4, New Year gift under $50

Sweater and hoodies with popular design, plaid scarves, and cloaks

If you choose clothes as gifts, the gifts will be very festive. Whenever he or she need to wear it in winter, he or she will remember you again and recall the relationship and memory between you. The sweater and hoodies with popular design are more common and both girls and boys are suitable. As for plaid scarves and cloaks, people more less likely to have many pieces at the same time, so it is more meaningful.

dinosaur sweater

 5, New Year gift under $100

cotton coat

We can choose warmer clothes at this price, such as cotton coat. There are also various styles of cotton clothes and coats. We can choose patterns according to other's preferences. We can also choose the one with teddy bear patterns.

bear winter coat

6, New Year gift under $200

plush pajamas for couples

When our budget is high enough, we can choose some items for both two to use, such as plush pajamas for couples or for family members. Although they are also warm clothes, this kind of clothes bring more warmth to people from heart. This happiness is shared by each other.

plush pajamas for couples

Now, have you prepared the new year gift for your boyfriend & girlfriend or your family.

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