How Will You Celebrate Halloween Day in 2022?

How Will You Celebrate Halloween Day in 2022? - LEMANDIK

Halloween Day, on November 1 every year, is one of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox festivals, as well as a traditional Western festival. Halloween, the night of October 31, is the busiest time of this festival. According to European tradition, Halloween is the time when the supernatural world comes closest to the human world. Therefore, Halloween Day is a day to commemorate the saints and drive away evil spirits, which is similar to the Hungry Ghost Festival of China. At the same time, Halloween Day is also a festival to celebrate autumn and harvest, which is reflected in the harvest pumpkins and lively scarecrows.

On the eve of Halloween Day, people will wear all kinds of clothes, put on all kinds of makeup, put on scary masks, and dress up as monsters. This is actually the hope to drive away the ghosts in the dark on Halloween. In fact, Halloween is also a festival to teach children not to be afraid of ghosts, to keep courage and kindness. With a playful mood, the children wore various costumes and masks to the Halloween party. The walls around these dances are often hung with paper pasted witches, black cats, ghosts and bones, and the windows and doors are hung with grinning or hateful pumpkin lanterns.

On Halloween, children in l kinds of strange clothes will carry pumpkins, going door to door to ask for candy, and keep saying: "trick or treat". If you refuse to give candy, the children will be very angry and punish you in various ways, for example, dumping garbage in your house until you give them candy. Parents ask their children to go to the houses with festival decorations and lights at the door in advance, otherwise they are not allowed to disturb. In addition, children must always stand at the gate and wait during the sugar begging process. They are not allowed to enter the house. The sugar they ask for must be checked by adults before being eaten. It is also required for the family receiving the children to not give food made by themselves or unpacked food. The children's trick or treat game has become an activity for neighbors to visit each other, enhance friendship, and exercise children's social skills.

In addition to costumes and celebrations, there are several kinds of food that people must have on Halloween Day: pumpkin pie, apples and candy. As early as in October, in countries celebrating Halloween Day, you can see that Halloween ghost decorations have been hung everywhere on busy streets. Many department stores are also busy stacking holiday gifts and clothes in the window, attracting many passers-by to stop and watch. Supermarkets and street markets also display large and small pumpkins for sale, for people to buy home to decorate their homes or make pumpkin lanterns.

In general, in order to celebrate Christmas, people usually prepare shopping lists, which generally include holiday clothes, cosmetics, pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin pie, candy, and apples. People attach most importance to festival costumes, and will carefully select their favorite decorations. At ordinary times, people also buy clothes with Halloween elements.

Halloween Day is not only a traditional festival with cultural significance, but also a carnival day with strong modern color. The promotion of Halloween and Halloween Day is inseparable from people's cultural heritage and innovation.

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