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How to Choose Denim Jeans? 10 Styles for Your Options

How to Choose Denim Jeans? 10 Styles for Your Options - LEMANDIK

Maybe you have all kinds of sport pants, trousers, long skirts and short skirts in your wardrobe. That's not enough, because you lack jeans! How to choose a pair of perfect denim jeans? The following 10 styles are good! Many people choose one or two of each style. Let me give you a detailed introduction!

 denim jeans for women

1, Wide Straight Denim Jeans

The first is wide straight jeans. This kind of jeans has both the advantages of casual pants and the characteristics of jeans. The reason why it has the advantages of casual pants is that these jeans are loose and comfortable. In addition, it has the characteristics of durable and wear-resistant jeans. Several pairs of jeans in this section are designed with adjustable trouser heads to meet the needs of people of various figure, and can cope with various life scenes. This loose straight jeans is made of neutral elements and can be worn by both male and female. If you like leisure and comfort, don't miss this one!

wide straight leg denim jeans

2, Ankle Bandy Denim Jeans

The second is ankle-tied and printed jeans. The ankle-tied design makes the whole pair of jeans look clean and tidy. We will also look more capable and energetic after wearing it. The two symmetrical pockets make the jeans simple and convenient. You can choose pure blue or rich white patterns. They are all good.

bandy denim jeans

3, Straight Skinny Denim Jeans

The third is straight slim jeans, which is more suitable for friends with medium or thin figure. It is also suitable for both male and female. These jeans are designed symmetrically, but each has its own unique elements that make you want to take them all home! These elements include crosses, patterns, lightning and broken hearts. What do you like?

skinny denim jeans

4, Cargo Denim Jeans

The fourth is cargo jeans, which is very cool and handsome! Boys in it are very masculine and girls in it are cool! You can choose a drawstring one or a belt one. The middle one is the best-selling of the following three pants, because the belt and snap fastener design on both sides is very eye-catching.

cargo denim jeans

5, Ripped Denim Jeans

The fifth one is the ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are essential in most young people's wardrobe! The design of this jeans with holes and stitching is very distinctive. The holes show the skin, making you look sexy. Are you excited?

ripped denim jeans

6, Flare Denim Jeans

The sixth style is flare printed jeans which is more suitable for lady. The slimming styles highlights your figure well and the printing and graffiti patterns also show personality!

flare denim jeans

7, Skinny Jeans

The seventh is skinny jeans. It is also more suitable for friends with medium or thin figure. Your legs will look very slim and nice if you match this jeans with a oversize coat.

 skinny denim jeans

8, Distressed Washed Denim Jeans

The eighth is classic distressed washed jeans, these vintage style jeans will never go out of style. It is made of high-quality cloth, which is softer after washing.

washed denim jeans

9, Color Block Patchwork Denim Jeans

The ninth is the classic fashionable patchwork color jeans. As the name suggests, these jeans have both classic beauty and trendy style. The splicing of red and white plaid is very natural so that the pants are integrated. If you are excited, don't hesitate to buy it!

patch denim jeans

10, Gothic Denim Jeans

The last but equally cool one is Gothic jeans. Each of us has a rebellious mind. Of course, we also need a cool and handsome jeans! You can even wear it for cosplay or role-play.

Gothic denim jeans

Now, how to choose the right denim jeans, you will have options of the 10 styles.

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