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5 Best Winter Jacket Coats for Extreme Cold Weather for Men and Women

5 Best Winter Jacket Coats for Extreme Cold Weather for Men and Women - LEMANDIK

We may have not too much jacket coat in winter, but these 5 styles are must-have jacket coats for extreme cold weather in winter, both suitable for men and women.

1, down jacket long coat 

down jacket coat

Cover all yourself with this long down jacket and fall in love with this winter!

A long down jacket that keeps you warm but can show your elegant figure is the most intimate. Choose a retro style, which is fresh, romantic, v-shaped lapel, and clever, showing your own dressing style. The fashion style highlights the details, creating their own high street accent. It deduces the yearning declaration of unwilling to be ordinary.

According to the Chinese figure customization, it creates a slim, thin perfect version. As you can see, the version of everyone’s body is amazing lengthened version! Bubble collar is naturally warmer, which can resistant to the cold winter wind. Without losing aesthetic feeling, it shows an atmospheric European and American style.

This winter you deserves a fashion, perfect with extra points long down jacket!

2, men and women down jacket coat for winter

 stylish down jacket

The short down jacket for men and women not only adopts the standing collar design at the neckline but also adds the closing rope design at the tail. This will largely improve the wind protection and warmth of the down jacket. The printing pattern design on the down jacket is unique, and the level and practicality of the appearance are very fantastic.

down jacket for men and women

3, Lamb Woolen winter coat or cashmere woolen coat for winter

When talking about resisting the cold winter, it is quite common to dress with thick coat and down jacket. But if you only wear with these several coats or the same style, it will inevitably produce us visual fatigue. Then here comes the fluffy lamb woolen coat to help you change your common style.

lamb woolen winter coat

Wearing simple fluffy lamb woolen coat, your upper body can easily stand out of women's modeling figure. The loose version can play a very good effect of covering the meat slimming, and the huge white haze blue is versatile. In the winter, you are as warm as the sun.

lamb woolen jacket coat

4, Hottest Teddy Plush winter coat for men and women

If you ask me which one is the most popular coat of the past few years, then without hesitation, I will tell you it is the teddy jacket!

teddy bear winter coat

The teddy fur coat is very gentle, which can strongly show your elegence of female. No matter of the color and style, it will definitely give anyone a warm feeling. The outer layer of long fur feels quite comfortable, the inner layer is delicate soft suede. It does not drill the wind so it is very warm and soft.

As long as with this teddy jacket, the collocation can be relatively simple.

5, Faux winter coat for extreme cold weather

 faux winter coat for men and women

Artificial animal fur coat is a plush fabric that looks like animal fur. But it will definitely not use the real animal fur because we are animal protectors that have the right to protect the animals!

The artificial animal fur is divided into two layers, the outer layer is bright coarse straight bristles, the inner layer is fine soft short down. Wearing this coat, it is a little wild but strong. For example, the lamb-like fashion fur coat easily shows the whole charming figure. This one is made of great draping fabric, so it is quite special.

It deserves you take these styles.

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