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Why Chrome Heart Clothes Be the Most Favorite Streetwear Fashion?

Why Chrome Heart Clothes Be the Most Favorite Streetwear Fashion? - LEMANDIK

Chrome Heart comes from Hollywood, the United States, which is one of the world's top ten luxury jewelry brand. Richard Stark founded this brand in 1988. Since then, a large amount of people affectionately call it Chrome heart.

 chrome heart

Chrome heart design style blends rock punk, street hip-hop and other luxury styles. With the spirit of medieval religion, it creates a unique and charming presence in beautiful arcs and dark shadows, full of artistic sense. Chrome Hearts silver jewelry is handmade by the workers, therefore the texture is the first-class. All the products are polished after oxidation, and a soft gray and black shadow is added to the shiny silver surface, so the layering is very clear. It can be described as the best workmanship.

 chrome heart silver jewelry

Today's Chrome Hearts product line is very complete, from the early handmade silverware, to today's gold, white gold, jewelry customization, children's clothing, leather jackets, hats, leather bags, chrome heart jeans pants, T-shirts, sunglasses... and so on. It can also provide tailor-made services for customers.

 chrome heart jeans pants

Chrome Heart jeans find a large amount of people to chase it and wear it. This kind of limited jeans, with changeable and comfortable version, by adding a unique cross element. It is not only versatile, but also set off a trend of imitation. You can just simply put on with a white T-shirt, or jeans jacket. You will quite fashion and it will simply let you become the focus of the street.

 street style chrome jeans

It can not deny that all over the world love Chrome-heart and it has a good reputation for its handmade and exquisite design! There are so many celebrities wearing Chrome Hearts, both on film and in their personal lives. Some celebrities like Lafayette's Carl Lagerfeld, Steven Tyler, Jackie Chan, Claudia Schiffer, Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse, Wei Chen, Korean famous singer GD all support and wear it all the time.

 chrome heart for super starchrome heart

How about follow us Chrome Heart and become the most shining star of the crowd?

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