Is Checkerboard the most popular in 2021 Streetwear Outfits?

Is Checkerboard the most popular in 2021 Streetwear Outfits? - LEMANDIK

Have you ever image how popular are checkerboard elements right now all around the world? There are so many super stars dress everyday.

checkerboard for super modelcheckerboard for influcers

The checkerboard is even on the catwalks of the luxury brand like CHANEL and LOUIS VUITTON. It has to be on your shopping list. Do not miss it. Dress it and you will be the center of the crowd!

People who like street culture and fashion will remember the checkerboard as a classic fashion element.

It pays much attention to the optical illusions.

Black plays on white for the suit is the most traditional dressing.

A cardigan jacket layered over a black jersey tunic and straight skirt.

Use checkerboard as shading,

Add flowers, artistic patterns, symbols and other elements,

Make the pattern more interesting,

Inject new vitality into the pattern,

The visual hierarchy is also more intense!

Checkerboard is also widely used. You can witness it almost everywhere in our daily life, from shoes, bags, socks to clothing and so on. It shares no seasonal changes, no boundaries, no gender and other characteristics. The demonstration of strength on the element of checkerboard is practical and sustainable, which includes the no-picky usage of fabric material.

checkerboard pantscheckerboard shoes

Take a brand as an example, I am convinced that nearly every young girl knows and be loves Louis Vuitton. At the right moment, one of the most iconic patterns in Louis Vuitton, is "Damier," which literally translates as "plain checkered" and which we all refer to figuratively as "checkerboard." At the very beginning, Louis Vuitton used beige and brown checkered patterns on plain canvas to distinguish its own bags and prevent forgeries. Later, the brand patented this pattern. Surprisingly, this Checkerboard has become a fashion style and has always been the true love of fashionable people.

LV checkerboard bags

When talking about fashion, with the development of rock and roll, fashion and other youth culture, checkerboard element has been the perfect interpretation in the 21st century, especially the traditional black and white checkerboard elements. It has united the positioning of young, fashionable design elements and brand culture. At the same time, Checkerboard looks comfortable and soft compared to other types of clothes, with a touch of retro in the 1990s. The designers of checkerboard element have made innovations on the basis of the tradition, adding more variation details to make the checkerboard richer and more varied. Different designers have different dimensions of their checkerboard styles. No matter what kind of design form of expression, there is no deny that it reflects their observation of life.

designer checkerboard outfits

vintage checkerboard outfits

Come and pick a piece of checkerboard element items. It could be a hairpin, a checkerboard hoodie, a sweater, a shirt, a pant, a hat, a jacket, a tissue box or a reusable bag. Even in a small area, with a little checkerboard around you, you'll be happy to show off your own and special style.

checkerboard winter coat for men and women

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checkerboard lamb woolen coat

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checkerboard jacket for men and women

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checkerboard Christmas sweater

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checkerboard pants

checkerboard pants

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