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How to Choose The Best Leather Jacket That’s Durable And Fashionable?

How to Choose The Best Leather Jacket That’s Durable And Fashionable? - LEMANDIK

Leather jackets are the favorites of many celebrities. For example, Beckham likes to wear leather jackets very much. It is not only warm and cool, but also sets off a good figure and bursts of male hormones.

Beckham Jacket outfits

Between then and now, leather jackets have appeared everywhere. A proper, staple leather jacket will not only last you forever, it’s timeless and extremely versatile, a no brain when it comes to building your lean wardrobe. A good leather is built to last, age as you do and pair with more items than you might expect. Here are some tips about choosing the best leather jacket.

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First, choose the streetwear style

First and foremost, it depends on the streetwear style. Whether you like the style of zipper or buttons. They are all quite fashionable and comfortable. Normally, classic leather jacket pockets are zippered. The simplicity of the jacket make it an extremely easy and versatile jacket to wear.

For example, a center front zipper jacket, traditionally with a band collar, with very design details is a good choice for a successful man.

Leather jacket has many styles, "locomotive, pilot, suit, suede" leather jacket, you can select according to your personality and preference.

streetwear leather jacket

Second, watch the material and touch feeling of the leather jacket.

The brand's clothes have wash marks on the inside. The logo of a good brand is clearly written.

The more elaborate and complex the logo, the better the brand, which means that it is more trustworthy.

At the same time, you can evaluate this jacket by touching, if it is very soft, comfortable and it is relatively thick. It represents that the quality of the leather jacket is very good.

Further more, look for the cortex and the gloss of the leather surface.

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Third, the insulation of the leather jacket is important.

High-end leather jackets usually use two different linings on the body and sleeves of the coat, and the lining uses a smooth fabric, which is both comfortable and luxurious to wear. While the inexpensive jacket has a synthetic lining on both the body and the sleeves. It is usually of poor quality and easy to tear within years.

leather jacket details

Fourth, Pay more attentions to the detailed design of leather jacket.

In general, More detail means More complex manufacturing and means Higher production costs.

High-end leather jackets will have more interesting details, such as seams, cutouts, pockets, zippers, etc.

High-end leather jackets will use durable, high-quality zippers and buttons to ensure that the leather jacket lasts longer, so you can judge the quality of the leather jacket from the zipper or buttons used in the leather jacket.

For example, high-end zippers are 10 to 15 times more expensive than standard zippers, and the natural side represents a better quality leather jacket. What is more, you can notice the branding from the engraving on the zipper.

stylish leather jacket

Though consistent in its simple shape-----a cropped body featuring central buttons and fitted waist and cuffs. At the same time, it can be rendered in anything from shiny nylon to soft, supple leather.

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