LEMANDIK® Winter Puffer Jacket Spider Web

セール価格$92.95 通常価格$132.95

Color: White
Size: S

Winter's embrace just got cozier and more stylish with our latest creation—the spiderweb puffer jacket. Crafted for those who seek warmth without compromising on style, this winter jacket is a masterpiece in winter fashion. Let's unravel the magic in its details!

  • Material: Indulge in the luxury of 100% polyester fibers and premium-grade, static-resistant down cotton. The exquisite hard-shell fabric enhances durability, providing a rebound effect that keeps this jacket perpetually plump and irresistibly soft.
  • Design: Designed to dazzle, the jacket features a stand-up collar, a zip-up front, and two slant pockets for that extra touch of functionality. The elastic cuffs ensure a snug fit, while the spiderweb print adds a dash of intrigue and uniqueness.
  • Style: Embrace the casual-chic vibe that this puffer jacket effortlessly exudes. Perfect for both young gentlemen and ladies, its voluminous, spiderweb-adorned design makes a bold yet sophisticated style statement.

Size chart:
S: Length 26.4inch, Shoulder 24inch, Chest 24inch, Sleeves 22inch.
M: Length 26.8inch, Shoulder 24.4inch, Chest 24.4inch, Sleeves 22.4inch.
L: Length 27.2inch, Shoulder 24.8inch, Chest 24.8inch, Sleeves 22.8inch.
XL: Length 27.6inch, Shoulder 25.2inch, Chest 25.2inch, Sleeves 23.2inch.
XXL: Length 28.3inch, Shoulder 26inch, Chest 26inch, Sleeves 23.6inch.