LEMANDIK® Spider Puffer Jacket with Horn

セール価格$114.95 通常価格$187.95

Color: Black
Size: S

Introducing the epitome of punk-gothic fashion–the LEMANDIK® spiderman punk winter jacket. Immerse yourself in the edgy allure of this unique piece that seamlessly combines style, substance, and a hint of superhero flair.

  • Material: Crafted from an exceptionally thick cotton lining, ensures maximum warmth and comfort, providing a shield against the chilliest of days while maintaining a stylish exterior.
  • Design: Unleash your inner hero with our Spiderman punk puffer jacket. The full zipper closure adds a modern touch, and the jacket's entire aesthetic is an homage to the iconic Spiderman. From the striking web patterns to the horned hood resembling the superhero's mask, someone carefully curated every detail for a look that's both rebellious and nostalgic. The accompanying devil bag, adds a devilish twist to this punk masterpiece.
  • Style: Embrace the dark and street-ready persona that our puffer jacket exudes, capturing the essence of punk fashion with a superhero twist.

Size chart:
: Length 27.6inch, Chest 48inch, Sleeves 28.3inch.
M: Length 28.3inch, Chest 49.6inch, Sleeves 28.7inch.
L: Length 29.1inch, Chest 51.2inch, Sleeves 29.1inch.
XL: Length 29.9inch, Chest 52inch, Sleeves 29.5inch.
XXL: Length 30.3inch, Chest 52.8inch, Sleeves 29.9inch.