LEMANDIK® Plush Knit Sweater Rabbit

セール価格$59.95 通常価格$75.95

Color: Blue
Size: S

Wrap yourself in whimsy with our plush rabbit knit sweater—a perfect blend of comfort and style that will make your winter wardrobe shine.

  • Material: Experience the luxury of our high-quality mixed fabric. Comprising 95% nylon, this sweater provides a warm and plush feel that invites you to embrace the winter chill in style.
  • Design: Immerse yourself in the charm of our oversized rabbit knit sweater. The loose silhouette is complemented by ribbed elastic details on the round neckline, cuffs, and hem. The front of the sweater features a delightful cartoon rabbit pattern, injecting a playful and vibrant energy into your winter ensemble.
  • Style: Step into a new winter experience with our loose-fitting rabbit plush knit sweater. Versatile enough to pair with jackets, coats, or denim. Our rabbit sweater promises a warm and joyful holiday season. Elevate your style, revel in comfort, and embrace the festive spirit with this charming addition to your wardrobe.