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How to Match with Cross Denim Jeans in Spring and Summer

How to Match with Cross Denim Jeans in Spring and Summer - LEMANDIK

This season, the chrome cross denim jeans are the hottest items for men and women, spring and summer outfits can well matched with cross denim jeans.

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As is known to all, chrome cross denim jeans, cross denim jeans, cross jeans, chrome jeans, ripped jeans, straight leg jeans, streetwear denim jeans, men jeans and women jeans are mainstay silhouettes in most closets. But for a refresh in the street, washed blue ripped jeans cross patch is your best choice.

Just take a look at what we show in the picture, this is our today’s OOTD. A black modal signature bra from TOM FORD, and wear our washed blue ripped jeans cross patch, as well as carrying Balenciaga mini hourglass cocco print leather bag, matching with the egoofficial galaxy strappy square toe stiletto heel. 

Nowadays, more and more people prefer the crisscross jeans. Featuring overlapping waists from high-rise to low-slung, this asymmetrical denim look flaunts a freshness that reads subtle and not overly trendy. Instead, it’s a restrained play on modernity that celebrates the timelessness of jeans. What is more, it is quite easy to match with. You can style yourself with a tailored shirt or blazer, a feminine blouse, or effortless basics like tees, tanks, and knits.

If you have no idea what to wear or on the matter of styling, look for inspiration to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and Hailey Bieber, who have taken crisscross jeans for a spin. Heatproof possibilities include teaming a crop top and lightweight duster with a high-rise, slouchier pair —the proportion play reads well balanced and sophisticated with heels as the finishing touch.

Typically, in spring, as the weather gets warmer, the thin and comfortable top, paired with slightly loose jeans, is not only refreshing and comfortable, but also fashionable. Gentle and comfortable knitted cardigans, or delicate little fragrance coats, worn with trendy and versatile jeans, are a very good spring wear demonstration.

Whether you tend toward straight leg jeans, streetwear denim jeans, or faded washes with vintage character, try to change what you used to be and towards to other jeans.

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