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Why People Like to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Why People Like to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweater? - LEMANDIK

Every Christmas, in addition to eating bacon pie, preparing Christmas crackers and falling into the dilemma of choosing Christmas gifts, British also wear a colorful and tacky "Christmas jumper" to the party to compete with each other over whose Christmas sweater is the ugliest. This makes the British Christmas culture full of black humor and a sense of joy. Normally, there are many colors and some big cartoon images like snowman and Christmas father on the sweater, full of Christmas patterns. However, the popularity of Christmas ugly sweaters is far more than just funny and lively atmosphere. There are moving stories about the Christmas jumper, so called the ugly Christmas sweater.

Christmas jumper

As early as the 1980s, ugly Christmas sweaters became popular in North America. Especially in TV programs, comedians or hosts can be seen wearing "funny and vulgar" sweaters during Christmas.Therefore, someone founded the "ugly Christmas Sweater party"! The purpose is to let everyone wear ugly Christmas sweater.

ugly Christmas Sweater party

Britain began to regard it as a tradition around 2001. The film BJ's single diary, in which British actor Colin Firth wore snowman and elk sweater full of children's fun, formed a "contrast" with the British serious face, thus causing an upsurge of British people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Christmas sweater for men and women

Christmas sweater for men and women

Now we know what is Christmas Jumper, but why do people like to wear this kind of ugly Christmas sweater?

 Christmas sweater for men and women

It turned out that this activity was a charity activity launched by Save the Children, a British non-profit organization. On that day, people wore ugly Christmas sweaters to attract more people to donate to the organization to help children suffering from hunger, war, plague and poverty in the world.

 Christmas sweater to save children

This activity started at 2012 for the first time and people were activity involved in the donation, so Christmas Jumper Day was settled in a Friday in December every year.

Christmas jumper day

At 2016, Save the Children was asked to cooperated with Madame Tussaud's to make a wax figure series of Christmas Jumper. The ugly Christmas sweater were influencing more and more people not only the British and their spirit was passed to the generation and generation.

Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children appeal to the British on protecting the earth at the same time as they attract the attention of the public to children suffering from poverty over the world. They suggest people should buy second-hand sweaters from charity shops instead of a new one. New design sweaters are good-looking and fashionable but it doesn't help to the environment protecting. The organization also suggested that people can exchange their sweaters which have been used before with their family and friends instead of buying new sweaters.

Christmas jumper

This ugly sweater is beautiful and warm in the eyes of British, conveying charity spirit, environment protecting and so on. This is the reason why people in Britain would like to wear such sweaters with ugly design and have Christmas Jumper Day. When they put on the sweater, it also makes a wish that children in the world would have a happy life without hunger, war, plague and poverty, so people still keep wearing Christmas jumper on Christmas Jumper Day or during Christmas.

Christmas sweater

Why people like to wear ugly Christmas sweater? It's really a warm heart and beautiful story, full of love.


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