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Which is Your Favorite Jacket?The Racing Jacket Must Be No.1 On Your Jackets List.

Which is Your Favorite Jacket?The Racing Jacket Must Be No.1 On Your Jackets List. - LEMANDIK

Nowadays, more and more people show great interests in racing jackets. But why people love racing jacket so much, and which is your favorite racing jacket in your closet? 

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The first one is racing jacket, which are well loved among young people. The material shell of it is 100% cotton, and the lining is100% polyester. As it's standard US and European size, please choose according to your usual size. What’s more, as for its double closure, it is Millitary jacket with durable full-length zipper closure as well as button closure for extra protection. There are multiple pockets on it, for 2 side hand pockets and 1 inside pocket, 2 button-flap pocket at both chest, practical and stylish. 2 zipper (not pockets) at both chest. As for its style, this kind of jackets stand collar with rib, knitted rib cuff and hem, new items for spring, fall and winter. The racing jackets are great for leisure daily wear, work wear, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting for outdoor enthusiasts and racing enthusiasts.

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Also, they fit just fine with a single shirt, T-shirt, polo shirt, sweat shirt, and sweater on, and you could wear a 'Hoodie' underneath if you wanted to, for those colder days or nights. What deserves your attention is that the size of this racing jacket is regular fit not big & tall.  

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Absolutely, it is street wear jackets. First of all, it is of high-quality fabric:--weatherproof running jacket for women. And it is made from materials with 100% super-lightweight Polyester fabric with great wind protection and rain protection. We use the highest quality materials to provide you with superior comfort and durability. What’s more, for its lightweight, the FOPNEW women's cycling jacket weighs 5 ounces and is super lightweight, and soft to the touch, so you don't feel the burden. At the same time, the lightweight fabric dries quickly to keep you dry. As for its Ventilation Design, the lightweight, high-quality fabric provides good breathability, while the ventilation system on the back is designed to enhance breathability, and the four vents on the back help keep you cool and dry.

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There are also practical Storage Pockets, the outdoor sports hoodie has two side seamless zippered pockets and two interior deep pockets for outdoor storage for everyday essentials like phones, keys, cards and more. At the same time, the two seamless zippered pockets on the side can easily stow the jacket into the pocket for easy storage and portability. As for its applicable to multiple Scenarios: This sports jacket is colorful, size range (S-XXL), perfect for spring, summer and fall. Suitable for running, biking, hiking, climbing, camping and all kinds of outdoor sports. It is a sweet gift for mom, wife, and friends.

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Lastly, I am sure that you can use the tips when wearing jackets. Wear the Right Shirt. Of course, leaving the front of your jacket open is only beneficial if you are wearing the right shirt or top. There are countless different shirts that you can wear with a denim jacket. A plain white t-shirt, for example, looks great with most denim jackets. The bright white color contrasts with the dark blue color of a denim jacket, thus creating a visually appealing look. Another idea is to wear a striped shirt under your denim jacket. Striped shirts are classic, timeless and look great on everyone. The key thing to remember is that your shirt or top should flow cohesively with your denim jacket. Don’t wear a shirt in the same color as your jacket. Rather, choose a shirt that contrasts — to some degree, at least — with your jacket. Following this otherwise simple tip will go a long way in enhancing your appearance.

 racing jacket for men and women

Now, let's talk about yours? Which is your favorite jacket?


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