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What’s Streetwear and Why More and More People Prefer Streetwear Style Clothes?

What’s Streetwear and Why More and More People Prefer Streetwear Style Clothes? - LEMANDIK

Streetwear is a dress style containing streetwear culture, which mainly includes Hip-Hop culture, graffiti culture, skateboarding culture and surfing culture. Clothes can express meaning and express things about a generation. Streetwear culture is just a strong response to the community culture and emotional demands of contemporary young people. That's why streetwear outfits are so popular and there are streetwear stores everywhere today.

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The trend of streetwear fashion is a global concept. Global creative designers have promoted the rise and prevalence of streetwear culture. The victory is not only the streetwear and culture, but also these designers. Their successful experience is more significant than the clothes themselves. For young people, they respond to the demands of young people who are shut out of the closed fashion world but still eager to change the world. As the source of streetwear culture, Hip-Hop music is a successful study of writing the bottom jump.

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Streetwear clothes are characterized by democratic trends, cool and comfortable, which are very consistent with the needs of contemporary young people.

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First of all, all young people pursue fashionable trends, because it can show the freedom and personality they pursue. Different from the traditional trend, in the field of streetwear, designers directly look for the evolution direction of streetwear from the consumers. Consumers and insiders have the same ability to decide what is cool. The designers' fantastic ideas and creativity make the design of each product have its unique meaning. The core of design is to express the inner yearning of contemporary people.

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For example, Supreme is a representative streetwear brand of street culture. It was born in Manhattan, New York, USA in 1994 and founded by James Jebbia. It combines skateboarding, Hip-Hop and other cultures. Its brand personality is very distinctive. It embraces rebellion and does not refuse violence. The products are often designed with the topic of social hot events or political satire. Every new product release is like an Apple press conference, with a long line of buyers.


Secondly, many streetwear stylish clothes are bold in design and can show the characteristics of personality freedom. They are very cool and handsome. For example, the full name of Palace is Palace skateboards, which is a streetwear brand founded by founder Lev Tanju in London, UK in 2010. Its design style advocates less is more, so there is no boastful design. Sometimes there is only one trademark on a dress. This simple design and uninhibited attitude can cause a rush of buying in every sale.


Of course, the popularity of clothes is inseparable from quality. Streetwear brand as well attaches great importance to the improvement of quality and pays attention to consumers' dressing experience. They are leisure, comfortable and durable, and highly praised by consumers. The freedom advocated by Hip-Hop culture has changed the fashion aesthetics of tight fitting and high waist. Loose and casual clothing has become the mainstream, showing the silhouette and image of young people in this era.

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In addition, some of the popularity of streetwear brand is due to the influence of celebrities. Yiyang Qianxi and Victoria Song's display in Here! It's hip-hop in China led to the popularity of Palm Angels, a brand created by the founder of Italy Francesco Ragazzi.


In conclusion, streetwear culture is an important part of contemporary culture, and streetwear is also an important member of contemporary clothing. They are the cultural symbols of contemporary young people.

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