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How to Choose The Best Trendy T-shirts for Summer?

How to Choose The Best Trendy T-shirts for Summer? - LEMANDIK

T-shirt is our must-have simple and fashion items for men and women, there are many styles for t-shirts. Currently, the most popular t-shirts including blank tee, graphic tee, oversize tee, casual tee, streetwear tee, high street dark style tee, sports tee etc…

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As summer comes, hot weather brings T-shirts out of your wardrobe. So the question comes to, how to choose a suitable T-shirts to stand out in a crowd. There are so many kinds of T-shirts such as oversize tee, T-shirts with big letters logo printed, and T-shirts with funny graphics.

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T-shirts can be classified into many types, casual tee, oversize tee, T-shirts with big letters logo, T-shirts with funny graphic, T-shirts with shoulder pads, street-style T-shirts, printed T-shirt and so on. Lately, oversize style tee, also called boyfriend-style tee are very popular among the young people. Oversize t-shirts is one of street style which looks fashion, smart and cool. This kind of T-shirt often pairs with shorts, which make you look thin and tall, and lively. Some luxury fashion brand are more likely to design tee with big logo, and people are more willing to show a famous brand on clothes. This kind of T-shirt looks simple and much casual, easy to pair with. Young people also like wearing T-shirts with funny patterns which show one’s personality and preference. If you want to enjoy a simple life style, you would like to choose T-shirts with pure color. Although the pure white T-shirt is the simplest of all T-shirts, the simple style means comfortable and well-fitting. This kind of T-shirt is made of pure cotton and designed with straight shoulders. It will make people looks neat and straight no matter whether it is worn with pants jeans or skirt.

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How to co-ordinate pattern and colors? You can wear t-shirt with jackets, jeans, shorts, suit pants and casual pants. For color, white and black are always right choices. T-shirts in right color like yellow and orange, should be matched with yourself specially. But you had better not wear T-shirts in light colors if your clothes easily get dirty in daily life. The first one you should take into consideration is figure. If you try to compensate for different degrees of obesity, you can choose oversize popular in Harajuku style, streetwear Japanese style and Korea style. If you want to stay comfortable only, you can choose Cotton tee is the most soft and skin friendly among other materials, and it is good at absorbing moisture. If you always sweat, you can choose quickly-dry T-shirt or ice silk, which make you feel cool.

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T-shirts can not only designed with different colors, patterns, materials, but also shape, and more other fashion elements. Puff sleeve can be seen on T-shirts to be stylish, fashion and elegant. It can also be decorated with belt to accentuated waist. In a word, T-shirts are simple fashion clothes, but what you want to wear makes you feel bright. That means you should choose what you want to put on most.

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If it's hard to choose the suitable t-shirts for you, you can keep all the styles in your closet to have different summer outfits.


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