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5 Styles of Hoodie Must Have in 2023 Streetwear Trend Fashion

5 Styles of Hoodie Must Have in 2023 Streetwear Trend Fashion - LEMANDIK

It’s not hard to choose hoodie sweatshirt for the coming new season. The key is to choose the one that suits you best. Here are 5 styles of hoodies which is the best seller and right.

1, Cross Hoodie Sweatshirt

The cross Hoodie has occupied the fashion list for many years and is an indispensable item in the wardrobe of young men and women. Do you know why? Today, let's have a close look at the cross hoodie to see what kind of fashion sense and attraction this fashionable and enduring dress has behind it.

 cross hoodie

First of all, the cross hoodie mainly includes two elements: cross and hoodie. Let's talk about the cross first. Everyone has his own understanding and perception of the cross, and also has his own interpretation of the cross. At the same time, the cross carries rich cultural information and perfectly meets our needs for meaning expression and the purpose of value expression.

No cross, no crown. The cross represents the belief and attitude of life that is bitter before sweet. Everyone should bear his own cross. The cross symbolizes responsibility. Everyone should be responsible for what he has done in the past. Keep one’s fingers crossed for somebody. The cross also represents luck and good things. We all hope to get God's favor and harvest good luck. Especially when we are about to face challenges and difficulties, we hope to pray for good luck with the cross pattern. Cross my heart. The cross also symbolizes commitment and credibility, and represents sincere enthusiasm and determination. Young men and women in love often use crosses to show their loyalty and concentration. In addition to these, the cross has many rich connotations. I believe everyone wearing the cross pattern has his own beliefs. And these beliefs will never be outdated and will always be fashionable. Because what can express you is fashionable. So, how can such a meaningful symbol not be popular? Moreover, the cross hoodie can be integrated with various elements to jointly express multiple values. For example, the combination of cross and letter, the combination of cross and skeleton pattern, and the fusion of cross and star.

cross hoodie for men

Besides the cross, the cross hoodie is also a very attractive element. The design of the hat is the finishing touch, which enhances the three-dimensional feeling of the whole dress. When the wind is strong, you can put on a hat to protect your head, face and neck. Or when you are not happy, you can also cover your hat and escape the world for a while and immerse yourself in your own world. The world is big, but there is not much space specially for us. Therefore, the hoodie hat creates a small world for us. You can choose the zipper type or the no zipper type. With or without zipper, the cross hoodie can be matched with a variety of pants and skirts, such as jeans, casual pants, shorts, dresses, skirts and so on.

2, Star Hoodie sweatshirt

Young men and women are drawn to the star graphic hoodie for several reasons.

star hoodie

Firstly, the star element has become a popular and trendy fashion symbol, particularly among the younger generation. Stars convey a sense of playfulness, individuality, and a touch of magic, making them appealing to those seeking a unique and fashionable look.

Additionally, the graphic hoodie provides a versatile and comfortable option for casual wear. It allows individuals to express their personal style and interests through the bold and eye-catching star prints. The combination of colorful foam prints and denim patchwork adds an edgy and streetwear-inspired aesthetic, appealing to those who appreciate urban fashion and the fusion of different elements.

star graphic hoodie

Furthermore, the hoodie's practical design, including the convenient zip-up closure, diagonal side pockets, and adjustable drawstring hood, enhances its appeal. These features provide functionality and ease of wear, making the star graphic hoodie suitable for everyday activities, from hanging out with friends to running errands or attending casual gatherings.

3, Butterfly Hoodie

Symbol of Transformation and Beauty: Butterflies are often associated with transformation, growth, and beauty. They represent a sense of freedom and grace. Young individuals are drawn to the symbolism and find it inspiring and uplifting. The butterfly graphic on the hoodie serves as a reminder of personal growth and the potential for positive change.

Expressing Individuality: The butterfly graphic hoodie allows young men and women to showcase their unique style and personality. The vibrant and intricate butterfly designs provide a visually striking element to their outfits, helping them stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement.

Nature-Inspired Aesthetic: Nature-inspired themes have gained popularity among the younger generation. The butterfly, with its delicate and colorful wings, appeals to those who appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Wearing a butterfly graphic hoodie allows individuals to carry a piece of nature with them and showcase their love for the environment.

4, Graffiti Hoodie

Why do young men and women like to buy hoodies with rebellious prints? It's mainly because of the following reasons:

graffiti hoodie

Rebellious style: Hoodies with rebellious prints often showcase a style of rebellion and nonconformity, which resonates with the mindset of young people who aspire to break norms, pursue individuality, and engage in independent thinking. This rebellious image attracts them, making them feel unique and seeking unique ways of expressing their personalities.

Influence of street culture: Hoodies with rebellious prints are closely associated with street culture. Young people have a strong interest in street culture, hip-hop, graffiti, and street dance, among others. These cultures often overlap with the image of rebelliousness. Printed hoodies become a way for them to express their love for street culture and identify with it.

Strong visual impact: Hoodies with rebellious prints usually feature bold, exaggerated, and unique graphic designs, creating a strong visual impact. These designs may include symbols such as dragons, skulls, flames, or spikes, which capture the interest and curiosity of young people, leaving a strong visual impression.

graffiti hoodie for women

Formation of group identity: Wearing hoodies with rebellious prints allows young people to experience a sense of belonging and group identity. These hoodies become a way for them to communicate, interact, and connect with like-minded individuals, forming a shared sense of identity. They feel a common set of values and shared interests among their peers.

5, Paisley Hoodie

paisley hoodie

This kind of paisley hoodie are full of paisley pattern, so, if you love paisley very much, it can be your best choice. What’s more, this hoodie has a full zip so the pockets are not connected like other hoodies without full zip.

Hoodies with full zip is more easily for people to put on or put off the hoodie. This kind of hoodie are more likely to be wore outside. There are also other hoodie with full zip as following.

Now, which one is your favorite style, leave a review and tell us at the below.


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