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2022 Trendy Streetwear Fashion Sweater Vest Matching Guide in Spring

2022 Trendy Streetwear Fashion Sweater Vest Matching Guide in Spring - LEMANDIK

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. But how do we dress during the transition between winter and spring? You are right! Let's look at the sweater vest. When it's warm with cold, the most indispensable thing is the sweater vest! However, sweaters are also a big family. Let's meet some outstanding members first! I am sure there will be at least one suitable for you.


Sweater vests are usually worn as warm clothing in winter under heavy coats. However, in the late winter and early spring, the sweater vest is no longer an unknown supporting role, but a proper protagonist. Sweater vests are warm and stylish, and with the right sweater vest, you can add a lot of color to your life. Then, how to match sweater vest to be more colorful? If you don't have any inspiration, take a look at this spring sweater vest matching guide.

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The first one on the stage is a pullover. We can use trousers with pullovers, especially loose sweater vest with slim casual pants or jeans. This can cover up some defects of the body, but highlight the beautiful leg curve. However, although the sweater vest is warm, it is still drafty. In early spring, if we want to wear the sweater vest outside, we can fold a shirt inside the sweater vest, which is warm and fashionable. Choose contrasting colors for shirts and sweater vest to add layers and visual richness. With a pair of white shoes, it will be more fashionable!

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In addition to matching pants, pullovers and skirts are also a very good combination. We can wear different types and lengths of skirts. For example, pair a black sweater vest with a light-colored dress. The upper body is leisure and quiet, while the lower body is flexible and elegant, which is an organic combination of movement and stillness. This collocation shows a strong sense of layering and highlights lovely elegance. Moreover, the dress can well protect the girl's abdomen and waist from getting cold.  A light colored sweater vest with a dark pleated skirt. This kind of collocation combines the fashionable style, lovely style and youthful campus style. Several styles are cleverly integrated to highlight multiple personalities. Short pleated skirts can add a sense of sexy charm, and long pleated skirts are more elegant.


Next up, let's welcome cardigan sweaters. Cardigan sweaters are relatively loose. It is recommended that you wear them with tight pants or jeans. A black high necked tight bottomed suit, paired with blue jeans, and then put on a beige, apricot or white cardigan sweater, which makes you look fashionable. This is warm and sexy, setting off a good figure. Cardigan sweaters look good with skirts, especially with dresses. The principle of matching is still to enhance the sense of layering through the contrast of clothes colors, which will make you stand out from a group of people. Loose cardigan sweater makes you look very thin and small, which is particularly easy to arouse others' desire for protection!

cardigan sweater

The last one is the sweater vest, which is also my favorite sweater vest. Sweater vests are very versatile, and can cope with most of the weather in a year. They are very cost-effective. First of all, I'd like to introduce you to a college style wearing method: plaid sweater vest with white shirt or black shirt. This kind of collocation can be worn by almost everyone. No matter you are fat or thin, tall or in love, old or young, you can achieve the effect you want in this suit. Next, if the weather is a little warmer, you can match a long vest sweater with a long sleeve, and then put on a pair of leggings inside. The long sweater is about the height of the knee, showing the beautiful leg curve. You are a unique scenery.

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Take action! Pick some and take them home quickly! It’s believed that you will have a wonderful spring.


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